Community Use


Discounted for educational use in community organizations, clinics, small seminars, etc. The Community Use DVD includes a limited license for public screenings (PPR) without paid admission, plus our promotional assistance, including a hosting kit and added to our upcoming screening page on the Just One Drop website.  


Newly updated version of the film. Special features: 20+ min. deleted scenes. Subtitled in: German, French, Portuguese (Continental and Brazilian), Italian, Spanish. Closed Captioned and SDH subtitles in English

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

For events of over 100 people or if you plan on charging admission, please contact us.

Items not for resale unless authorized.

Purchases are for non-theatrical playback only, and are protected by U.S. Copyright. Price does not include rights to rent, loan for a fee, or sublicense to others. Media may not be altered, duplicated, digitized, reproduced, televised, or electronically transmitted in whole or part without specific authorization from Blind Dog Films.

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